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Greenwood Landings Update ....

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

As we are enjoying, what may be, our last beautiful days of fall, there is much happening at the Greenwood Landings of Coldwater site. Aside from a couple of issues with construction supply ‘shortages’ which seems to be the buzzword of 2021, most aspects of construction are either on or ahead of schedule.

Groundworks and site infrastructure are progressing well. Water and sewer servicing has been completed in Phase 1. Road work is underway with curbs going in as we speak. Paving of the 1st phase streets should be completed before winter. This would allow for hydro and gas installation in the spring and if all goes well (counting on a timely supply and delivery of required materials), construction should be able to start June/July of next year

The developers of Greenwood Landings are working with the Township of Severn to complete all of the site servicing work and conditions. Once this is complete, home sales will hopefully start in early spring… We will send out another update when we get closer to this time.

Supply and price increases have played havoc on the building and trusses have been delayed as much as 6 months in some cases. All the builders are finalizing designs on their models and floor plans, but, because of the fluctuation in building material costs it is premature to price these new homes yet. This information will be added to the ‘’ website once it is available. That said, we are projecting a starting price in the mid $600,000 range for a single detached home. Townhouse (2nd phase) pricing will be determined closer to their release.

We’re all looking forward to getting started as soon as possible........Stay Tuned for Updates.

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